About Me

My name is Kristin, and I am many things, but mainly I am a healer and a lightworker. 

 My life has not been an easy one, and the things I have lived and seen has made me into the person, into the healer I am today. At 17 I started my first diet, and 15 years later, I finally stopped. At 25 I was diagnosed with BED, binge eating disorder, and at 33, I have managed to heal myself. I had my first panic attack at 20, and today I have reached a point of peace with my anxiety.

I have chosen to use this to help people. I lived through all of the crap that I did so you won't have to, because I can show you the shortcut. I want to help you heal. I want to help you find joy and happiness and freedom in your life, and I want to give you hope.

My greatest joy and greatest gift in life is to help people find their freedom and live joyfully and completely as themselves.