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Viking card readings

3 card spread

Do you just want something short and sweet? A 3 card spread can give you clear insight into where you are and where you want to go.

12 card spread

This reading is for when you want deeper insight into something in your life. It will help reveal your hope and fears, dreams and goals and will help you move forward in life.

12 card spread + 3 card spread

Do you have more than one theme you would like insight in? In this reading you send me two subjects you would like a reading about, and you get one with a deeper insight and the other with a simpler message. 

12 card spread x 2

Do you want to get really deep with two themes in your life? Then this package is the best for you. 

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What are Viking cards?

Vikingcards are very similar to tarot in some ways, and we use the same kind of spreads as tarot do. However, the cards have a different system, and are all in Norwegian. I will translate during your reading, and explain what they mean for you.

When you book a session, I will send you an email asking for your picture, as well as what theme you wish a reading for. I ask for a picture because that is how I best connect to you and your energy. The session will not be in person. Rather, I will do the reading and record it for you to listen to, as well as send pictures of the cards. 

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