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My name is Kristin, and I am a Healer.  My goal with any client is that they can build a life where they are happy with themselves and the people around them.  I use energy healing, Reiki, Crystals, Vikingcards and essences all as tools to help you heal and move forward.  
I also do card readings. 
You can read more about me and my journey on the 'about me' page. 



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“Kristin sent me a tarot card reading during my time of distress and receiving a better understanding of my spirituality definitely helped me feel less alone. I felt like there was meaning to the challenges life presents to me and with the tarot card readings, I was able to better understand where I had to heal. I am grateful to have met Kristin during my journey of healing and she has a voice that just calms my soul. I definitely recommend her. Thank you, Kristin! -

Emerald, USA

I felt like I had a wall towering above me, slowly crushing me. Then I had a healing session with Kristin, and it was as if she stepped in between me and the wall and pushed it back, before it crumbled and fell, giving me room to breathe. Then she turned to me and helped me up and it was like could move again after months of feeling trapped. She saved my life.

Ellen, Norway