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Healing session

This one hour session is for you who is sick and tired of still carrying the traumas of the past, and of constantly taking on new ones in the present. I will help you understand your situation better, and clear out things that are holding you back. 

These are distance session, which means that when we start, all you have to to is lay on something comfortable and relax. 

At the end of the session, you will get an email with everything that came up, and recommendations for how to move forward. 

55 min                                                                                               £55

Spiritual reading - short

A short spiritual reading are for those times you need some specific guidance on something happening in your life, something that's been nagging you or would just like some insight into your life. 


Spiritual reading - full

When you really need a deeper insight into your life and what is going on, a full lenght spiritual reading is the perfect thing to help. Where as the shorter version has a singular focus, this reading will give you a more comprehensive look on your life and healing. 


Image by Fabrice Villard

Still unsure if I can help you? Fill out the form and we can talk about what it is you need.

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