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Healing session

As an intuitive healer, I have a strong connection to the earth and nature around us. In my healing, I connect to those energies and I am guided intuitively in what kind of healing you need.

They are done at a distance, so all you need to do is lay down and relax. I will guide the healing energies and we will communicate at the end of the session.

30 min                                                                                               £33

60 min                                                                                               £55   

Spiritual reading

In a spiritual reading, the focus is on giving an insight into your life and what is going on. It can be something specific or an open reading, taking in whatever comes throught.  As tools in these readings, I often use viking runes and oracle cards, depending on what is needed.

Short                                                                                               £22

Full                                                                                                   £44

Image by Fabrice Villard

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